Clear Books can automatically send an email to a customer when a new invoice is generated.

Please Note:

  • Unless the day delay setting is set, emails are sent in the hour following the invoice being created.
  • Any unpaid invoices created before enabling Auto Sender and were not manually sent out in the past, will be included in the list of emails to send.
  • When first setting up your Clear Books account, if you want all your customers opted in to the Auto sender feature, add or import all your customers before using any of the settings below. Any customers you don't wish to include in the future can then be opted out on their edit page.

Step 1.

Navigate to Contacts > Emails > Email settings to set up auto sender options.

Step 2.

Tick the checkbox Enable auto sender and then click on the Save button. All customers will now be automatically opted in.

You can also tick the checkboxes to receive copies/summaries of the emails, and set time delays. You also have the same options for the emails for Auto prompts (before invoices are due) and Auto reminder (once invoices are overdue).

Emails are sent from the email in Settings > Organisation > Details.