Note that the following process applies to Quotes, Estimates, Proforma Invoices and Sales Orders.

The type of document is determined in the Quote type drop-down when you create it (step 5 below) and the documents are then distinguished by the following prefixes:

QTE = Quote

EST = Estimate

PFI = Proforma Invoice

SO  = Sales Order

Step 1.

New quotes, estimates, proforma invoices and sales orders will appear in the Draft tab.

Once you are ready to process a quote, click on the drop-down list under the Options column and select Mark Complete. This will move it into the Complete tab and will allow the quote to be emailed to the customer.

To complete multiple quotes, tick the checkboxes beside each quote and hit the Mark complete button. To delete multiple quotes, tick the checkboxes beside each quote and hit the Delete button.

Step 2.

Click on the Complete tab.

You are able to email completed quotes to customers by clicking drop-down list under the Options column for the relevant quote and selecting Email.

By default, the email will include a link to the customer statement. The customer can select whether to accept or reject the quote on this customer statement link. Alternatively, this can be done manually by clicking on the drop-down list beside the quote and selecting either Mark Accept or Mark Rejected.

Multiple quotes can be accepted and rejected by ticking the appropriate checkboxes and hitting either the Mark accepted or Mark rejected button.

Rejected quotes will  be moved to the Rejected tab, but, if necessary, they can be unmarked as rejected to return them to the Complete tab

Step 3.

Accepted quotes will now appear on the Accepted tab.

Click on the drop-down list beside the quote and select Create Invoice to convert the quote into an invoice. Quotes can be converted to invoices at any stage in all of the quote tabs.

The quote will populate the details of the invoice form automatically. The reference of the invoice will contain the quote number it was generated from.

All quotes converted to invoices will be moved to the Invoiced tab.