Rather than having to fill in often repeated details in a sales invoice's description box, you can use a drop-down list of items from the Stock/Product lists feature.  

As this feature is optional, make sure it's switched on in Settings > Configure system > Toggle features. Once switched on the feature is available via Tools > Stock.

Step 1.

Navigate to Sales > Invoices and select Create Invoice.

Alternatively, you can select the stock/product item on the Tools > Stock screen and by clicking on the Create Invoice From Selected button.

Step 2.

Select the Stock or Product item from the Choose an item drop down field above the Details field

The detail of the item set up in the Stock tool will now populate the details field

Note: in addition to the description of the item, you can also set up the stock/product item to populate the price, account, VAT rate and standard quantity on the invoice.

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