Once you know an employee is leaving the company (and their leave date is set in Clear Books) and they are currently contributing to a qualified pension scheme there are steps to be taken within Clear Books during their last pay period.

  1. Run their last payroll as normal

  2. From the Payroll navigation, then select Employees > View

  3. Select the name of the employee you wish to edit

  4. Select Pension details from the left hand side menu

  5. Select Excluded from the Auto-enrolment status drop down

  6. Input the date the employee left the pension scheme in the Date left scheme field. In most cases this is the same as their leave date. If you are unsure please contact your pension provider.

  7. Set the employee’s pension contribution (%)* to 0.00

  8. Set the employer’s pension contribution (%) to 0.00

  9. Tick Exclude from assessment

  10. Click Save

The Pension reports for this pay period will then reflect that the employee has left the scheme. Download these and submit to your pension provider.