There may be an occasion where one of your directors with no contract of employment becomes an employee and may now be eligible for a workplace pension. The following guide assumes that this director was not in the pension scheme previously.

Step 1.

Navigate to the Employees > View and click on the employee in question.

Step 2.

Select the Personal details tab and change the 'Employment status' field to Employee.

Step 3.

Select the Pension details tab in this employee's form.

Step 4.

Set the 'Auto enrollment status' field to Not contributing'.

Step 5.

Untick the 'Exclude from assessment' box and Save.

Step 6.

Navigate to Pensions > Reports > Assess the workforce and run the report for the current period to see whether or not this employee is eligible for a workplace pension.

Step 7.

Then follow our Assess the Workforce guide which will tell you which steps to take next based upon the result.