There are different processes to delete transactions on an imported statement depending on the type of transaction, however, in all cases when the transaction has been deleted the payment/receipt will re-appear on the imported statement to be re-explained.

Step 1.

Navigate to Money > Bank accounts.

Step 2.

Click on the Explain link beside the appropriate imported statement.

Step 3.

Click on the magnifying glass icon beside the transaction on the statement.

Step 4.

Depending on the type of transaction there are different processes for deleting the transaction.

i. Payments on account and Transfers.

If the transaction is a transfer or payment on account, click the magnifying glass icon which will show the details of the payment. Hit the Delete button.

The system will then prompt you to confirm the deletion of the payment. Hit the Delete Payment button to complete.

ii. PAY and REC prefixed invoices.

PAY and REC prefixed invoices are generated by the system after explaining a payment/receipt using the transaction tab. Click the magnifying glass icon which will display the overview of the PAY/REC. Hit the Void button and confirm.

iii. Invoices and bills prefixed INV or PUR (these prefixes could have been customised)

In this case, the magnifying glass icon will show the payment details of an invoice/bill with a link to the relevant invoice. Click on the Delete button.

You will then be prompted to delete just the payment by clicking Delete Payment or both the payment and invoice by clicking Delete All.


Note: If a bank transaction has been used in a confirmed VAT return, it cannot be deleted, however, it can be reversed.