Completing your declaration of compliance

By law you must declare that you have met your automatic enrolment duties. This must be done outside of Clear Books Payroll, on the Pensions Regulator's website. There are several sets of data you will need to complete this - we recommend you maintain your own records outside of Clear Books to fulfill these requirements. Please consult the Declarations of compliance checklist for more information.

Maintaining records

By law you must keep records of your automatic enrolment activities. We recommend you maintain your own records outside of Clear Books to fulfill these requirements.

Some of the information you will need to save includes:

  • The information you sent to your pension provider

  • Changes to an employee's worker category (you could download the 'Assess the workforce' report in Clear Books Payroll to help with this)

  • Copies of any opt-in, join and opt-out requests you receive

For more information please read the detailed guidance on keeping records.

Ongoing responsibilities

Automatic enrolment is an ongoing responsibility that you must obey after the staging date. Every payday you must check to see if an employee's worker category has changed and if they have become eligible to be put into a pension scheme.

To do this in Clear Books Payroll:

Step 1.

From the Payroll navigation, select Pensions > Reports > Assess the workforce

Step 2.

  1. Select the payroll frequency (weekly, monthly etc.)

  2. Select the current tax period (month / week)

  3. Select the current tax year

  4. Click the View assessment button

To keep a copy of the report, click the Download assessment as PDF. You may want to save this to submit as part of your 'declaration of compliance'

Based on the assessment results, you have different duties to complete. See the section on 'what to do after you've run the report'

Employee pensions report

The Pensions Regulator requires that you send information to them about how many of your employees you have enrolled. Clear Books Payroll enables you to send details about the employees who you have automatically enrolled and which pension scheme(s) they are in as part of your Declaration of Compliance. You must still provide this information to them even in you have not enrolled anyone. Your declaration deadline is five calendar months after your staging date.

To retrieve these details:

Step 1.

Go to Pensions > Reports > Employee pensions

Step 2.

  1. Select the last pay reference period's tax year from the View by year drop down

  2. Select the Payroll frequency from the drop down

  3. Select the period from the View period drop down

  4. Click the View report button

  5. You can click the Export report as CSV button or choose the drop down to Export report as PDF

You must then take this information outside of Clear Books Payroll and log into The Pension Regulator's Government Gateway website where you can enter in the relevant information there.

Technical support is available from Monday to Friday, 9 - 5.

How to contact support within Clear Books

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