As an employer, under your new duties, in certain circumstances you must ensure that you put workers back into a pension scheme. This process is known as automatic re-enrolment and can be broken down into two types. To find out more about re-enrolment, when it applies and what your duties are, read the Pensions Regulator's detailed guidance.

The first, immediate re-enrolment occurs when a break in membership of the pension scheme happens that was not a result of the employee. You must identify this outside of Clear Books and immediately re-enrol them by contacting your pension scheme provider. Once this has been done, in Clear Books Payroll simply follow the steps to assign a pension scheme to an employee.

The second, cyclical re-enrolment occurs when an eligible jobholder has opted out or ceased membership of a qualified pension scheme since your staging date. As an employer you have a duty to put these eligible jobholders back into a pension scheme on a periodic basis - approximately every 3 years after your staging date. This date is known as the cyclical re-enrolment date and you must enter this into Clear Books Payroll.

As the employer, you can choose the cyclical re-enrolment date as long as the date is between three calendar months before the third anniversary of the employer's staging date and three calendar months after the third anniversary. Note that this date applies to all employees regardless of their payroll frequency.

Step 1.

Navigate to the Employer > Details menu. Please ensure that all required fields under the Employer section are completed, then select Pension from the left hand side menu.

Add your date to the Re-enrolment date field and click Save.

Related to this, when an eligible jobholder opt outs, you must check the Re-assess at re-enrolment field in the employee detail form. For more information follow our guide on what to do when an employee opts out.

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