Step 1.

From the Payroll navigation, select Employees > View

Step 2.

Select the name of the employee you wish to edit

Step 3.

Select Pension details from the left hand side menu

Step 4.

  1. Select Employee opted out from the Auto enrolment status drop down

  2. Under the Contributions section set the Employee's pension contribution (%), Employer's pension contribution (%), Employee's pension contribution amount, and Employee's pension contribution amount fields to 0.00

  3. Under the Auto enrolment section enter the date the employee left the scheme into the Date left scheme date field

  4. Under Delay enrolment section, enter in the date the employee opted out under the Date opted out date field

  5. Tick the Wait until re-enrolment checkbox. This means the employee will be re-assessed at your cyclical re-enrolment date so that you can fulfil your duties of automatically re-enrolling them at periodic intervals

  6. Click Save

By law you must remove the employee from the pension scheme - this must be done directly with your pension provider. Please speak to them if you are unsure how to do this.

If the employee is eligible for a refund (please contact your pension provider to confirm this) this can be given through the employee's payslip. Simply add a line pre-tax and NI with the amount to be refunded.