If you employ people, part of your pensions duties requires you to assess your staff for eligibility. Clear Books Payroll has a report that will assess your staff, enabling you to see who is and who isn't eligible. 

We assess using tax pay reference periods (starting 6th April) rather than regular wage periods (1st-31st).

Step 1.

Select Pensions > Reports > Assess the workforce

Step 2.

Select the year, payroll frequency and period, then click the View assessment button. The report will run and the result will be shown on screen

What to do after you've run the report

Once you have run the 'Assess the workforce' report you need to identify which staff to automatically enrol and which have a right to join the scheme on request.

There are three classifications - Eligible jobholder, Non-eligible jobholder and Entitled worker. You have duties to carry out for each worker - actions to take are listed below.

For Eligible jobholders you have a duty to automatically enrol them into your automatic enrolment pension scheme and pay employer contributions.

For Non-eligible jobholders you have a duty to notify them of their eligibility to join the automatic enrolment pension scheme. Those who provide you with a valid  'opt in' notice will need to be enrolled into your automatic enrolment pension scheme and you will need to pay employer contributions.

For Entitled workers you have a duty to notify them of their eligibility to join a pension scheme. Only those employees who provide a 'joining' notice will you then be required to enrol into a pension scheme (this does not have to be the automatic enrolment scheme) however, you are not obliged to pay employer contributions.

Setting the employee's pension details 

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