The sales invoice import tool in Clear Books only supports files in CSV format only. The sales invoice import tool only allows certain types of data to be imported, so we recommend downloading our template and copying your invoice data into the appropriate columns.

The spreadsheet will need to contain both the foreign currency value and this converted value in your home currency.

Step 1.

Navigate to Tools > Import > Overview.

Step 2.

Click on the Sales Invoices link under the Sales column on the left-hand side.

Step 3.

We recommend downloading a template by clicking on the link on the Customer import tool menu as shown below.

Step 4.

Copy the data from your own file into the appropriate columns on the exported template, or alternatively copy the columns headers from the exported template into your file and delete the columns that are not needed.

The required fields for the sales import tool are Invoice number, Invoice date, Customer name, Line description and either Line unit price or Line net price. The 3 letter Currency code is also required to import multi-currency invoices. A full list of the currency codes can be found on the Settings > Configure system > Toggle features menu by clicking on the multi-currency link.

To import one invoice with multiple items, create a row for each item and make sure the Invoice number, Customer and Invoice date are the same:

For multi-currency invoices if you have used Line unit price you will need to enter the converted currency amount in the Multi-currency unit price column:

If you have used the Line net price you will need to enter the converted currency amount in the Multi-currency net price column:

If you have used Line VAT rate you can leave the Multi-currency VAT amount empty:

If you have used Line VAT amount you will need to enter the converted currency amount in the Multi-currency VAT amount column:

Check the data and make sure there are no gaps between rows, all the required fields have been filled in and that all dates are in the format dd/mm/yyyy.

Step 5.

Drag and drop your file on the designated area or click on the Upload a CSV text to select your file from your computer.

Step 6.

Map the fields in Clear Books to the appropriate columns on the file. 

Then click the Import button to confirm the mapping. 

Step 7.

All invoices will be selected by default. Remove the tick from the checkbox to prevent invoices from being imported. Click on the Import Selected button to import the selected invoices.