At the end of each tax year HMRC need to know that the RTI being submitted is the last submission of the year. The example below explains how to make FPS the final submission of the year, however EPS can also be marked as the final submission.

Step 1.

Process payroll for all appropriate employees for the last period of the tax year.


Step 2.

Click on the link to submit the outstanding FPS payments.

Step 3.

Please select the This is the final submission you are making this year check box.

Please note: You can submit both FPS and EPS as a final submission. If there is no repayments for items such as maternity pay or CIS deductions, you can ignore the final EPS submission.

If by chance you forget to do the final FPS, you can submit a final EPS submission.

If you make a mistake and have submitted FPS or EPS with the final submission of the year, you will need to send an EYU to correct any mistakes. Currently we do not support this feature, however, you can use the HMRC basic PAYE tools to make this correction

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