An employer operating PAYE as part of their payroll, must complete certain Real Time Information (RTI) tasks during each tax month. Tax months run from the 6th of one month to the 5th of the next. These tasks will include submitting a Full Payment Submission (FPS), every time you pay your employees, and can often require a submission of an Employer Payment Summary (EPS).

Real Time Information submissions

At the end of each tax year HMRC need to know that the RTI being submitted is the last submission of the year. You can choose to do this on either the final FPS or on an EPS.

You can submit an EPS from the Payroll> RTI > File EPS menu. 

You can submit the final FPS of the year once you have processed all the appropriate employees in the final period.

Processing Payroll

The checkbox, This is the final submission you are making this year, appears on both the EPS and FPS forms at the bottom. Make sure to tick the box before submitting to HMRC.

If you make a mistake and have submit an FPS or EPS too soon with the final submission of the year selected, you will need to send an Earlier Year Update (EYU) to correct any mistakes. Currently, we do not provide this feature, however, you can use the HMRC basic PAYE tools to send an EYU. 

Send an Earlier Year Update using HMRC's Basic PAYE Tools