An employer operating PAYE as part of their payroll, must complete certain Real Time Information (RTI) tasks during each tax month. Tax months run from the 6th of one month to the 5th of the next. These tasks will include submitting a Full Payment Submission (FPS), every time you pay your employees.

Real Time Information submissions

When pay has been processed incorrectly for an employee and the FPS has already been submitted, you will need to undo the payroll and re-submit the FPS for the employee. On the new FPS form you will be required to give a reason for the late submission.  The new FPS will supersede your previous submission.

How to correct mistakes in previous pay-runs

You will also be required to provide a reason for the late submission of an FPS if you have surpassed the employees payday.  

When you process or re-process the employees pay, a message will display in red showing that the FPS needs to be submitted. Clicking on the link within this message will take you to the FPS form.

At the bottom, there will be a 'Late reporting reason' drop down field where you can specify a reason for the late submission. Please choose the most appropriate reason and then click on the Send to HMRC button.

Sending an FPS after payday

Final FPS of the year and tax year deadline

On your final FPS of the year make sure to tick the checkbox 'This is the final submission you are making this year' If you forget to do this, you can submit an EPS and use this same checkbox.

How to process payroll at year end

The deadline for all FPS in a tax year is the 19th April. 

Submitting earlier year FPS

It is possible to submit earlier year FPS, up to and including FPS for the tax year 2020/21, via Clear Books Payroll. This is done in the same way as correcting FPS for the current year. You only need to unprocess pay and re-process in the year in which the correction needs to be re-submitted. Simply select the tax year from the drop down on the file FPS screen. 

For corrections to tax years prior to the tax year 2020/21 you will need to complete an EYU (Earlier Year Update) using HMRC's basic PAYE tool