Importing into accounts creates a wage bill for each employee, a bill to HMRC for taxes and a bill to your pension provider.

If you have processed payroll for the current period incorrectly, and then imported into accounts, you can undo these bills from Payroll as long as they are unpaid.

If there is a mistake in a previous period, please see our guide on how to correct this below.

How to correct mistakes in previous pay-runs

Step 1.

Navigate to Payroll > Overview, click on the appropriate payroll frequency and select the most recent period that was processed.

In this case, the most recent period is January.

Step 2.

If none of the bills in accounts have been paid, you should be able to click on the Undo in Accounts button as shown below.

If you see the message below, it means that some or all of the bills (for wages, HMRC taxes and pensions) imported into accounts have been paid.

You will need to delete the payments from these bills to be able to use the undo in accounts option in Payroll.

How to delete a payment from a bill

If you have processed 1 or 2 employees late and not included them in the initial import into accounts, it might be easier to create the wage bills in accounts manually, as well as updating the pensions and HMRC bills appropriately.