Please note you must have an eWay account to use this feature.

Step 1.

Create an eWay account on Clear Books. Head to the Money>Bank accounts menu and click on the Add account button.

Bank accounts

Step 2.

Select Internet payments as the Account type.

Step 3.

You will need to enter your eWay credentials including the e-mail and password used to login to your account. The API key must also be acquired from eWay as opposed to your Clear Books API key. Also, ensure Yes is selected for the Show payment button drop-down.

Step 4.

Head to Sales>Recurring and select Create recurring invoice template.


Step 5.

Fill in the details of the recurring invoice template and select the payment account as eWay.

Step 6.

Head to Sales> Recurring and click on a recurring invoice template for a customer paying via eWay. Then, click on the relevant eWay invoice in the Recurring invoices created section at the bottom of the page.

Step 7.

An eWay button will appear on all statements sent to customers. Your customer will need to make payment for an initial invoice using this button.

Step 8.

Once the initial invoice has been paid by the customer, you will be authorised to collect all subsequent payments for the recurred invoices through eWay. This can be done manually through the Charge button on the Tools>Integrations>eWay menu which will let you take money from the customer manually.