Within Clear Books, you will be able to create a Projects comparison report. This will outline all account codes used on the system used by Projects as well as allowing you to remove the Projects from the comparison. This guide shows you how to do that.

In order to have a Project comparison, you will need to ensure that you are assigning invoices and bills to Projects.

Step 1.

Navigate to Tools > Projects > Project report.

Step 2.

The report page will differ according to the number of Projects you are using. If you have many Projects, the table will need to be scrolled sideways.

You can use your own date range for the comparison. This can be a start and end date. Ensure that you reset this once you have finished looking at the selected dates.

Click on the monetary figures will allow you to generate a Reports > Other > Transactions report with the relevant account code, dates and Project. This will allow you to drill down into each item and then open the invoices and bills as needed. The No Project column will run the same report but have the designation as no Project.

Step 3.

If you have too many Projects, you will be able to filter them down to specific Projects on Clear Books. This is done by the Show / Hide Columns drop-down whereby all Projects will be shown so you can remove them from the comparison report.

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