Before starting please ensure you have your reporting periods and VAT schemes set up correctly on Clearbooks. They should encompass the data being imported from Sage.

Please Note: This tool will only work up for versions of Sage up to the year 2012.

Step 1.

Click here to view the Sage import tool link in Clearbooks and click Download installer.

Step 2.

Run the installer when prompted and Accept the terms of the License Agreement.

Step 3.

The program will begin installing, which can take a few minutes.

Step 4.

Find your Clearbooks API key in your Clearbooks account under Settings > Organisation > Details & tax and by clicking the API tab.

Step 5. 

Enter your Clear Books API key when prompted.

Step 6.

Click Import Sage into Clearbooks.

Step 7.

The tool will then begin importing. This can take several minutes depending on the amount of information being imported.

Step 8.

Once the import has been successful you will be presented with this screen.

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