Once you have invited an employee into your Partner account you can invite this user into multiple client accounts from the Partner module.

Step 1.

In the Partners module, head to the Clients > Users menu. 

Step 2.

Under Employee role manager table, click on the name of the user you wish to add to your client accounts.

Once the user has been selected, this will bring up a table of all your client accounts and the various roles you can assign to the user. If you have created any user defined roles in your Partner account these will appear in a column here too.

Step 3.

3.1 Inviting/removing user from individual client accounts

Click on the tick to add the user to a client account under the the most appropriate role. The tick will turn green to confirm the addition of the user to the client account. 

Click on the red person icon, along the same row, if you would like to remove the user from the client account.

3.Inviting/removing user from All client accounts

To add the user to all client accounts, click on the green person icon at the top of the N/A column. This will invite the user into all client accounts under the Employee (predefined) role. 

Click on the Assign to all link at the top of the preferred role if you would like to switch the user to a different role.


To remove an user from all client accounts click on the red person icon at the top of the N/A column.