On the Email templates menu, you can update the default message on payslip emails.

You can enable payslip emails, change the date at which they are sent and change the colour scheme on the Settings > General menu.

Navigate to Settings > Email Templates.

Fill out the 'Subject' and 'Message'. By default the message will encourage your employees to log in to Payroll with their own credentials. 

Invite your employees in to Clear Books Payroll to view their own payslip

Use the 'Token' drop-down field in the formatting tool bar to select a place holder. When an email is created, the place holders are turned into data as illustrated by the examples.

Place holdersExamplesData Pulled from
Employee Full name ::their_name::Mr Joe BloggsPayroll > Employee
Employee First name ::their_first_name::JoePayroll > Employee
Employee Last name ::their_surname::BloggsPayroll > Employee
Tax period ::tax_period::30/09/2020Paydate 
Company name ::my_company::Clear Books LtdPayroll > Employer

The Payslip is included as a PDF attachment on the email.

Click on the Save button to complete.