When importing purchase invoices (bills) from a prior system, make sure that the data has been exported in CSV format.

Step 1.

Navigate Tools > Import > Overview.

import overview

Step 2.

Click on the CSV Import link or tab.

Step 3.

You must then click on the Bills link.

Step 4.

You can then download a CSV template by clicking the hyperlink in 'Click here to download a sample'. Copy the data from the exported file to the appropriate columns on the template, or alternatively copy the columns headers from the template to the exported file and delete the columns that are not used.

Step 5.

Check the data and make sure there are no gaps between rows, all the required fields have been filled in and that there are no zero valued invoices.

The required fields for bills are Bill ID, Bill date, Supplier name, Line description and Line unit.

Please note: If you would like to use a 0% VAT rate that will be excluded from a VAT return, use the term 0.00:Out in the Line VAT Rate column.

The VAT treatment defaults to the VAT treatment of the supplier, if the supplier does not exist the VAT treatment will default to Goods or Services from UK Supplier.

Step 6.

You can then upload the file by clicking on the Upload a CSV box, or, you can drag and drop the file in this box.

Step 7.

Map the fields in Clear Books to the appropriate columns by matching the dropdowns with the column headers. Please note, you are able to select Ignore for columns that may not be relevant. Then click Import to confirm the process.

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