When importing purchase invoices (bills) from a prior system, make sure that the data has been exported in CSV format.

Step 1.

Navigate Tools > Import > Overview.

import overview

Step 2.

Click on the Bills link.

Step 3.

Download a template by clicking the here link.

Step 4.

Copy the data from the exported file to the appropriate columns on the template, or alternatively copy the columns headers from the template to the exported file and delete the columns that are not used.

Step 5.

Check the data and make sure there are no gaps between rows, all the required fields have been filled in and that there are no zero valued invoices.

The required fields for bills are Bill ID, Bill date, Supplier name, Line description and Line unit.

Step 6.

Select the file and click Upload.

Step 7.

Map the fields in Clear Books to the appropriate columns.

Step 8

Select the appropriate bills to import and click Confirm Import