The sales invoice import tool in Clear Books only supports files in CSV format only. The sales invoice import tool only allows certain types of data to be imported, so we recommend downloading our template and copying your invoice data into the appropriate columns.

Step 1.

Navigate Tools > Import > Overview.

Step 2.

Click on the CSV import link.

Step 3.

Click on Sales Invoices. 

Step 4.

The type of data that can be imported are listed here: Invoice date, Due date, Credit terms, Customer name, Summary, Reference, Line description, Line account code, Line quantity, Line unit price, Line net price, Line VAT amount, Line VAT rate, Line project, Invoice project, Currency code, Multi-currency unit price, Multi-currency net price, Multi-currency VAT amount.

We recommend downloading a template by clicking the link shown on the menu.

Step 5.

Copy the data from the exported file to the appropriate columns on the template, or alternatively, copy the columns headers from the template to the exported file and delete the columns that are not used.

Check the data and make sure there are no gaps between rows, all the required fields have been filled in and that there are no zero valued invoices.

If you have an invoice with more than 1 line item, use the same invoice number on each row and fill out each row with the details as appropriate.

The required fields for the sales import tool are Invoice number, Invoice date, Customer name, Line description and either Line unit price or Line net price. Choose either to add a VAT amount in the Line VAT amount column or alternatively a VAT rate (in decimals) in the Line VAT rate column.

If you would like to use a 0% VAT rate that will be excluded from a VAT return, use the term 0.00:Out in the Line VAT Rate column. Use 0.00:Exempt for exempt items.

The VAT treatment defaults to the VAT treatment of the customer, if the customer does not exist the VAT treatment will default to Goods or Services to UK Customer.

Step 6.

Click on the Upload box or drag and drop your file onto this box.

Step 7.

Map the fields in Clear Books to the appropriate columns from the spreadsheet. Then click the Import button.

Step 8.

Check the boxes next to the invoices to be imported and click Import selected or hit the import all button to import all the invoices .