Some specialist facilities aren't available on Payroll -

  • Large companies requiring Employer Alignment Submissions (this is required if you have more than 250 employees).

  • Employees contracted out of the second state pension.

  • National Insurance Verification Request (NIVR).

  • Employees paid at a frequency dissimilar to the frequency at which the payroll is produced - employees on a weekly payroll need to be paid weekly.

  • Seconded foreign employees working in the UK.

  • Partner's details in support of A / SPP claims.

  • PAYE schemes run by pension funds.

  • Automatic Statutory sick pay calculations.

  • Payments covering a number of payment periods (i.e if your employees are on weekly payroll, you will need to pay them weekly).

  • Earnings from two jobs for the same employer.

  • Expenses or other payments such as season ticket loan advances reimbursed in the same payment as the payroll we suggest you reimburse employees' expenses separately from their payroll payments.

  • Benefits in Kind taxed through payroll.

  • Earnings subject to NI but not PAYE such as payroll giving.

  • Statutory adoption pay.

  • Alternative method of calculating director's NI.

  • Tax week of appointment of director.

  • The national insurance holiday scheme.

  • Strike and absence pay deductions.

  • P32 forms.

Technical support is available from Monday to Friday, 9 - 5.

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