The GoCardless integration supports Standard, Plus, and Pro accounts.  GoCardless is only available for accounts where the base currency is set as GBP (£). 

Step 1.

Navigate to Settings > Organisation > Configure system > Toggle Features.

Step 2.

Tick the checkbox labeled GoCardless.

Step 3.

Navigate to Tools > Integrations > GoCardless 

Step 4.

Click on the Start GoCardless Setup button.

Step 5.

Fill in the details of the GoCardless registration form and hit the Create an account button at the bottom.

Alternatively, if you have a GoCardless account click on the Sign in link at the top.

When GoCardless has been successfully set up, the system will create a new bank account on the Money > Bank accounts menu (called GoCardless by default). All payments via GoCardless will be received into this account.