Before using this guide you should ensure you have added your subcontractors.

How to add a subcontractor

You are required to match or verify all your subcontractors before you pay them.

If you are a Partner you can verify subcontractors automatically using your Agent credentials.

How to verify subcontractors and submit CIS returns as an Agent

Step 1.

Navigate to the Settings > Organisation > Details & tax menu.

Step 2. 

Make sure all the credentials are filled in under the CIS heading, but most specifically the HMRC sender ID and HMRC sender password (the credentials used when you log into the HMRC tax services system).

Step 3.

Navigate to the Tax > CIS > Verifications menu.

Step 4.

Tick the Verify checkbox next to the subcontractor's name and click on the Verify Selected button.

If the details you have entered do not match with HMRC's records, your subcontractor will be subject to the highest 30% withholding tax rate.

When the subcontractor is verified, HMRC will return the Tax treatment:

Unmatched means bills should be using the 30% CIS account

Net means bills should be using the 20% CIS account

Gross means bills should be using the Gross CIS account

Please note: If you are not able to match or verify your subcontractors automatically you can add in the verification code (obtained from HMRC) for the subcontractor manually.

How to Verify CIS subcontractors manually