In this example I will be updating the payroll processed in June for an employee.

Step 1.

Navigate to Home > Overview and click on the appropriate payroll frequency.

Step 2.

Select the most recent period that payroll was processed for the appropriate employee.

Step 3.

Click on the Undo in Accounts button (to the bottom left) if payroll has already been processed into Clear Books accounts, otherwise skip to step 4.

If you receive the message below and are unable to undo your payroll you can still undo your payroll data by deleting the payments from the wage and HMRC bills in Clear Books.

Step 4.

Once the payroll has been undone in accounts you can now undo the payroll calculation made by ticking the box beside the appropriate employee and hitting the 'Undo' button.

Step 5.

Repeat steps 3 - 4 starting from the most recently processed payroll working in chronological order back to the period that you need to update.

In this particular example Payroll would need to be undone in this order - August, July & finally June.