If you have overpaid a bill or sent a duplicate payment, this will need to be recorded on Clear Books as an unallocated payment (payment on account).

If you agree to a refund with the supplier, you can view our guide on how to deal with the over payment and how to process the refund in the guide below:

How to refund a supplier over payment

Alternatively, if agreed with the supplier, you can allocate the over payment to future bills.

In this guide, I have paid the supplier £100, however, the bill amount is only £50. The remaining £50 will remain on account for the supplier.

Step 1.

Create an unallocated payment for the appropriate supplier from the Purchases > Unallocated payment menu.

If you import a statement, you can use the bank explain screen to create a payment on account by following the steps in the guide below:

How to add a payment on account from the Bank Explain screen 

Step 2.

Once the payment is confirmed you will be redirected to the Allocation menu. This menu will list any unallocated payments and unpaid bills.

Select the appropriate payment and enter the amount to be allocated in the Allocate payment box beside the appropriate bill. Hit the Allocate button to apply the payment to the bill.

The amount overpaid to the supplier will remain as an unallocated payment and can be viewed on the Money > Unallocated cash menu. The over payment can be allocated to future bills from this menu or the over payment can be refunded as explained in the intro.