You can use purchase orders to request a product or service from a supplier or as part of an approval process before raising a bill. You can create bills from purchase orders and keep track of these bills easily.

To view and create purchase orders please make sure you have toggled this feature on. Once you have created a purchase order, this guide will help explain how to convert it into a bill.

How to toggle on Purchase Orders

Step 1.

Purchase Orders will appear under the Purchases > Purchase order menu, navigate to the menu and click on the 'All' tab.

Step 2.

Click on the 'Manage' drop-down option beside the appropriate purchase order and select the 'Create bill' option.

Step 3.

The details of the purchase order will now automatically populate the bill form. The 'Reference' field is available to enter the purchase order invoice number and the 'Purchase Order Ref' field will automatically populate with the purchase order number the bill has been converted from. 

Hit the 'Save' button to create the bill.

The bill will now appear in Purchases > Bills > Unpaid. 

If you click on the purchase order number on the Purchases > Purchase order menu, you can view all bills that have been converted from this purchase order: