Clear Books will automatically backup your data on a daily basis, but you can also request backups to be emailed directly to your email address. The backup is encrypted and in a .CBO format, therefore this file can only be read by the Clear Books system.

Please Note: The encrypted backup file does not include any attachments.

Update 06/01/2017: Due to the migration of Clear Books to AWS how we handle backups is changing.

In November 2017 we will be launching some improvements to the Backup and Restore functionality, but whilst we finalise this work, users can still restore their data to a point within the previous 30 days.

If you need a backup restored, please call the Support team on 0203 475 4744 or email

Step 1.

Navigate Tools > Export > Backup.

Step 2.

Select Create Restore Point to queue the backup to be emailed as a .CBO file to the address saved in Settings > Organisation within an hour.

create restore

Step 3.

The restore point will be saved in the Available Restore Points section, and it can also be uploaded locally by using the Restore From File option.