You can use purchase orders to request a product or service from a supplier or as part of an approval process before raising a bill. You can create bills from purchase orders and keep track of these bills easily.

To view and create purchase orders please make sure you have toggled this feature on.

How to toggle on Purchase Orders

Step 1.

Navigate to Purchases > Purchase orders and click on the 'Create PO' button.

Step 2.

Fill in the purchase order details and click the 'Save' button to save in the 'Complete' tab on the Purchases > Purchase orders menu. Alternatively, click the 'Save draft' button to save in the 'Draft' tab.

The creation of the purchase order will be confirmed. You can view all purchase orders on the 'All' tab. You now have a range of options available for the PO if you click on the 'Manage' drop down.

How to convert a purchase order into a bill

How to email purchase orders