Paypal can be used to collect payments from customers. An internet bank account for Paypal must be set up first.

Step 1.

Navigate Money > Bank accounts.

Step 2.

Click on the Add account button.


Step 3.

Select Internet payments account from the menu.

Step 4.

Enter the details of the Paypal account. Make sure to select Yes in the Show payment button drop-down box and hit the Save button.

Step 5.

You can now create an invoice with the Paypal account as the payment account. 

To do this navigate to Sales > Invoices 


Step 6.

Click on the Create invoice button.

Step 7.

Create a new invoice with the Bank details to display drop-down box being Paypal.

Step 8.

Click Save button to complete.

To view the Paypal button, click on the customer name and view the full statement.

Click on the Full (this view) link to view the statement sent to your customer in emails.