View a graphical representations of your accounting data. You can access this tool by going to Reports > Graphs and then selecting the accounting period and graph type you require.

Income & expenditure (Monthly) graph

This graph shows your income (revenue) and expenditure as two individual lines. The income is shown in black, and the expenditure is blue.

Profit / loss (Monthly) graph

This graph shows you whether you made a profit or loss each month. The profit is the area above zero and the loss is any area below zero.

Cash flow (Daily) graph

This graph shows you your net daily change in your cash position across all cash accounts. If your cash has increased on a particular day, it'll be above the line, if it's decreased it'll be below.

Cash balance (Daily) graph

This graph shows your overall cash balance across all cash accounts. If it's above 0 you have a positive cash balance, if it's below that means you are overdrawn.

The graphs are powered by flot which is an open source jquery graphing library.

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