Each new business you add requires a separate subscription, however, you will be given a 30-day free trial. You can view our pricing plans here.

Step 1.

Click on your business name in the drop-down list at the top of the menu and click on the Add new business link.

Step 2.

Enter the name of the business and hit the Add button.

Step 3.

Fill in the required details of the registration form as appropriate for your business, accept the T&C's and hit the Register button.

Organisation name

Enter the name of your company, business, charity, society or club.


Select the type of organisation you are setting up Clear Books for.

Accounts year end

Enter the date of your current financial accounting year-end.

If your organisation has been running for a number of years and you are intending to load on or import historic transactions, then use the date of the first financial year to be imported into Clear Books.

VAT scheme

Select the VAT scheme your organisation uses.

Organisations that have revenue below the VAT registration threshold and therefore outside the scope of VAT  should select exempt from VAT.

Clear Books supports the following VAT schemes: standard rate, flat rate, not VAT registered or custom GST schemes.

Primary bank type

Select the type of account that your organisation uses most frequently for payments.

Typically, a bank account should be selected.

In some cases, your organisation may receive and make payments through an online payments system such as Paypal or Worldpay. If so, select Internet payment account.

If your organisation is a start-up and as yet has no bank account then it is likely that any payments you receive or make will be in cash. In this case, select petty cash account.

Primary bank name

Enter the name of your primary bank account, this will become your default bank account so please choose it carefully.

Once all these details have been entered click on the Register button to complete the form.

Default currency

This will default to GBP. This is the currency the account will be set to i.e. the currency all financial reports will report in. You cannot edit this once you have registered the account so please be sure that you are selecting the appropriate currency.